The Jungle Book

March 6-15, 2015
Studio Two, Riffe Center

Mowgli is a man cub wandering the jungle. He is adopted by the wolves and taught the ways of the jungle by the wise Bear Baloo. It is Mowgli's destiny to grow from a man cub to a man and when he does he becomes the master of the jungle.

Check out the The Jungle Book playguide! It has great background info about Rudyard Kipling, Steven C. Anderson and The Jungle Book story, plus activities for before and after the show. Click here to download the .pdf

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Adults = $20.00
Kids = $10.00


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Full Cast


Production Team

Child/Young Mowgli
Ben Culp
Joe Bishara
Joe Dallacqua
Stage Manager

Johanna Breiding

Priestess #1/Chill
Emma Fullen
Scenic Designer
Jon Baggs
Priestess #2
Clara Livingston
Technical Director
Greg Sutton
Priestess #3/Mang
Taryn Huffman
Lighting Designer
Clay Eads
Priestess #4

Maggie Peffer

Master Electrician
Keya Myers- Alkire
Priestess #5
Stella Fried
Costume Designer
Marcia Hain
Annie Huckaba
Props Master
Ben Sostrom
Father/Grey Father
William Darby IV
Sound Designer
Russell Boiarsky
Beggar Woman/Tabaqui
Beth Conley
Shere Khan
Laura Crone
Andrew Protopapas
William Macke
Bandar Log #1
Rayli Boyd
Bandar Log #2
Scarlett Fried
Bandar Log #3
Georgia Fried
Bryn Sowash



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