2014 Playwrights Fellowship

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Sticks & Stones

Sunday, June 28, 6 pm
Studio One, Riffe Center
by Cory Skurdal, directed by Joe Bishara
CATCO and GCAC 2014 Playwright Fellowship Recipient
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In Sticks & Stones, Janice, an older arts critic, writes an unfavorable review of the works of Kyle, a young transgender artist. Kyle responds with a blog post outing Janice as a closeted lesbian; she threatens to sue for defamation. In conversations with their attorneys, and with ghosts from their pasts and each other, Janice and Kyle battle age barriers, gender, culture and politics as they seek to comprehend each other and their very different lives and identities.

Cory Skurdal has written two full-length plays. His first play, Catspaw, won the Jewel Box Theater Playwriting Award, and was produced by the Jewel Box Theater (Oklahoma City) in 2001. His second play, The Present Moment, was produced by Evolution Theatre Company in 2013. Cory is originally from North Dakota. He graduated from the University of North Dakota, and the University of Washington (Seattle). He worked in higher education (Ohio State University and Boston College), as well as in the not-for-profit sector. Cory currently serves on the Board of Directors for Evolution Theatre Company and is also active in the Human Rights Campaign, Equality Ohio, and Stonewall Columbus.



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production team

Kendall Grey
Joe Dallacqua

Joe Bishara

Dana Gordron
Steve Black, AEA
Stage Manager/Assistant Director
Andrew Protopapas
Kyle Jones
Dayton Willison
Janice Sanders
Josie Merkle
Judge Terry Robinson, et al.
Ken Erney
Susan Osborn, et al.
Catherine Cryan 
Mother, et al.
Angela Palazzolo
Parent, et al.
Christopher Scotti




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