Shipwrecked! An Entertainment

February 5 - 23, 2014
Studio Two, Riffe Center

"CATCO’s richly nuanced production...finds gold and
other half-buried treasures in Margulies’ clever fable."

- Columbus Dispatch

"A re-telling that is like a bedtime story on steroids—
full of over-the-top imagination."


"The show feels like a technical wonder."
- Columbus Underground

"Incredibly unique and charming."

A breathless story of a seafaring, Victorian gentleman whose adventures spring to life like a theatrical pop-up book. Is he an inspirational figure touched by imaginative genius or a mere con man? You be the judge.

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Wednesdays = $11.00
Preview Thursday = $33.50
Regular Thursdays and Sundays = $41.00
Regular Fridays and Saturdays = $45.00


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Limited Brands   Columbus Metropolitan Library

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Full Cast


production team

Louis de Rougemont
Robert Behrens, AEA

Mark Seamon

Player #1
Lisa Thoma
Stage Manager
Christine Hentz, AEA
Player #2
Joe Dallacqua
Assistant Stage Manager
Preston McCarthy
Set Designer
Michael S. Brewer
Lighting Designer
Jarod Wilson
Costume Designer

Marcia Hain

Sound Designer
Keya Myers-Alkire
Props Master
Ben Sostrom
Scenic Artist
Edith Dinger Wadkins
Production Technician
Greg Sutton
Technical Director
Joe Wolfle



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