And Send A Kid To Camp...


CATCO needs your help to Send a Kid to Camp from one of our core urban neighborhoods. With your support, Send a Kid to Camp can serve more than 100 children from urban neighborhoods who will benefit from more than 12,000 contact hours with theatre and mentoring professionals. Through weeks of classes and workshops, children will gain valuable life experiences, develop new skills, improve their self-confidence, and see themselves as successful while learning to perform on stage!

$25—Provides snacks for 20 children
$50—Sends a child (age 4–5) to camp for one week
$100—Sends a child (age 4–5) to camp for two weeks
$200—Sends a child (age 6–18) to camp for one week
$250—Sends a child (age 13–18) to camp for two weeks (teen camp combo pack)
$400—Sends four children (ages 6–13) to any camp of their choice
$500—Sends a child (age 10–18) to Intensive camp for two weeks

To make a donation today, please call the Development Department at 614-719-6718.

Thanks to you and your support, kids will proudly perform an 'in-formance' every Friday during camp that provides experience on stage in front of a live audience made up of their families, their peers, and you!

Check out what our camp kids and parents have to say about the program: