Haroun and the Sea of Stories

May 3–12, 2019
Agnes Jeffrey Shedd Theater, Columbus School for Girls
56 S. Columbia Avenue, Columbus, OH 43209

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In this captivating work of fantasy filled with magicians and fantastical talking animals, Haroun sets out on an adventure to restore the poisoned source of the Sea of Stories. Along the way, he learns about the power of storytelling, naming, and identity.

Check out the Haroun and the Sea of Stories playguide! It has great background info, plus activities for before and after the show.


Adults = $15.00
Kids = $10.00


Sponsorship is in Honor of Joe Bishara

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LBrands Foundation   Columbus Metropolitan Library
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Full Cast


Production Team

Mr. Sengupta/Snooty Buttoo/Khattam-Shud
Matthew Sierra
Elizabeth and Joe Bishara

Rashid Khalifa
Arijit Sur
Costume Designer
Tina Hughes

General Kitab
Gabi Yuan
Lighting Designer
Brendan Michna

Mudra/Unsmiling Man #2/Bus Passenger
Chloe Steere
Scenic Designer
Edith Dinger Wadkins

Iff, the Water Genie
C.C. Seamon
Sound Designer
Russell Boiarsky

Soraya Khalifa
Tyree Walton
Technical Director
Chase Holt

Mr. Butt/Butt the Hoopoe
Cammie Bess Kleinman
Stage Manager
Violet Demko-Garcha

Bolo/Snooty Soldier/Chorus
Boula Ross
Stage Manager
Penelope Riederer

Mudra's Shadow/Passerby/Man/BusPassenger/Chorus
Sylvie Schmitz

Goopy/Walrus/Chupwala/Bus Passenger/Chorus
McKenzie Harmon

Haroun Khalifa
Jayden Clarett

Gabrielle Clarke

Ambassador/Princess Batcheat/Passerby/Chorus
Alia Danielle Knight

Erin Finn

Oneeta/A Page/Chorus
Pearl Harris

Asajj Allen


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