The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

October 4 - 13, 2013
Studio Two, Riffe Center

Tom Sawyer is a rascal, a scamp, and a mischief-maker. He is also the best friend Huck Finn has ever had. The two adventurers plot against the villainous Injun Joe in this loving tribute to Mark Twain's classic.

Check out the Tom Sawyer playguide! It has great background info about Mark Twain and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, plus activities for before and after the show. Click here to download the .pdf.


$20 For Adults

$10 for Kids

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Full Cast


Production Team

Tom Sawyer

Joe Dallacqua


Joe Bishara

Huckleberry Finn

Ben Hartwig

Assistant to the Director

Allie Moss

Mark Twain, et al

Nick Baldasare

Stage Manager

Carolyn MacNaughton

Scenic Designer

Edith Dinger Wadkins

Costume Designer

Ruth Boyd

Lighting Designer

Darin Keesing

Sound Designer

Keya Myers-Alkire

Technical Director

Joe Wolfe



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